Hanging the stockings with care...

So we had this plastic bin of Christmas ornaments, decor and a tree skirt. It was the first collection of holiday decor that I spent money on and invested in vs. the generous hand-me-ups from my parents over the years. It's one of those defining moments as a woman and an adult when you start investing and decorating your own home. Fast forward to our move and we cannot find this bin to save our lives. I'm so bummed. We've searched everywhere. It even had a Lenox "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornament from my parents given to Olivia last holiday. {cue violin}

Well, we move on and now I am befuddled as to which route to go with our decorations...sophisticated? colorful? whimsical? color-coded? What's a girl to do? Let's start with the stockings.

one | two | three | four

What's your preference?