Ginge-y Friday!

Friday! Whoop! Whoop! This week has been rewarding and hard all at once. Luckily the rewarding came at the end.

Olivia learned the word "nnnnno" which has been a real treat, let me tell ya. We got our first major snow. We made Christmas cookies. We wrapped gifts. I mean - not bad by any stretch?

Here, here to the last two sleeps before the big man in red makes an appearance. Now if you'll excuse me, we have some reindeer food to make. xo

...and the links:
- I am thrilled to see Ann Curry's #26Acts social movement take off. This is what social media is for. And, it's pretty gratifying to participate, too.

- Starbucks is taking to wine, now? How do you feel about that?

- Betsey gets a reality show.

- Zara sale starts today. You were warned.

- Andy Warhol does Christmas. I love.

- ...and if you want to watch my favorite scene in the Nutcracker, click here.

Source: via Johanna on Pinterest