Friday holly jolly.

What a busy week this has been! I have not started one lick of Christmas shopping save for two gifts and I am beginning to feel the pressure. We have a wedding this weekend hence I believe Sunday night will be spent on the couch scouring for online deals!

And since my blog has barely touched on the holiday spirit {...which I do feel, promise. We listen to 93.9 every chance we get} I thought this image apropos as it really is all about the littles isn't it? Have a merry weekend!

Some fun reading for the weekend:
  • ...discovered this blog - it's pure eye candy
  • I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with this gold, Michael Kors fishermen sweater. OB-SESSED!
  • I taped this Vogue documentary last night and I am praying to sweet, baby Jesus husband obliges  to watching it tonight.
  • Marriage has done you well, Mrs. Timberlake. Dayum!
  • Knockout knits for your littles - such a cute gift guide.
Source: via Johanna on Pinterest