Oh my holiday wish list? So kind of you to ask...

I tend to be overzealous about my holiday wish lists. I am fully aware they are a little over the top, shall we say? But hey - I need to give my family options at various price points. I see it as pretty thoughtful, actually.

You'll notice that I am craving dressier wardrobe options. Tis true - with the baby factory being closed, I am reevaluating my wardrobe. It's time for an overhaul. The big void seems to be in work appropriate outfits. Fortunate for me, my job allows me to be casual and trendy so I can take work pieces and mix it with weekend wear allowing me to gain some major ROI.

My #1 pick? The coated J Brand jeans. I love the color. And who doesn't love denim that looks dressy?

What's on your wish list?