Hi! It's been a pretty good week around these parts. We took family pics, went on long walks and tried on Halloween costumes. Not bad by many people's standards. Olivia is smitten with her cat costume to the point of screaming if I try and take it off her. She also figured out how to climb on our ottoman so I am predicting an emergency room visit any day now. Cripes!

Here are some fun links I came across this week:

A new Chicago company, sidetour, launched and it's really rad. You can learn how to make classic cocktails to creating a 6-course Indian dinner with Indian beers. {I bought my brother the mixology class}

A new-to-me blog that I fell in love with immediately. She's funny...real funny.

Now this is a makeover that I am envious of. What a score!

I read this post on benign neglect and it was so comforting and relatable.

I love these navy pumps.

Source: via Johanna on Pinterest