GNO Friday!

Happy Friday y'all! I'm excited for the weekend not because it's simply the weekend but because I have plans. Adult plans!! One of my friends is getting married and her bachelorette party is tomorrow. My first night out post-Lola wearing something other than yoga pants. Can I get an "amen"?!

I'm excited to catch up with the lady friends, giggle at hysterical lingerie and of course, imbibe a bit more than I should. And this is only because I have the greatest husband ever who will be babysitting the littles with his mother so that I can get out. *thankful* dress kinda looks like the one pictured above. I am so excited to wear it. And even more excited to put on some sassy heels and lots of gold jewelry. I'm just excited. Period.

I'll shut up now. I hope you have a great weekend...and I hope you feel much better than I will on Sunday! xo

Source: via Johanna on Pinterest