Five Fall Faves: featuring Zoe of Style Foodie

Hello 101 Loves,

It's me the lovely Z from Style Foodie. When I'm blogging I like to talk about my many cooking endeavors and my life living in the windy city. My blogging soul sista Johanna has offered me the lovely opportunity to share five of my favorite things about fall. Last year I shared these five, but of course as another year passes I've found some new obsessions for fall and my taste buds have changed again. Dang those taste buds!

1. Foliage; Nothing screams fall and gets me all excited like the changing colors of the leaves. My dad lives in the New England area and I love visiting him and taking long drives on the interstate looking at all the trees.

FOLIAGE!    fall
2. Warm Wear; I love summer, but nothing makes me happier then putting together an outfit with tons of layers, boots, hats, and scarves. I love scarves so much I'm wearing one in my drivers licence photo!

sweater // plaid * cozy for fall
3. The FOOD; I mean this wouldn't be a Zoe post without me mentioning food. They say your taste buds change every 5-7 years and that is so true for me. I used to cringe at the thought of eating anything pumpkin, but now I live for Pumpkin spiced lattes,apple cider, pumpkin chocolate chip bread, apple cider spice donuts, tomato soup and a grilled cheese. Also I love a good trip to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch, they always have yummy food at those places.

Creamless Creamy Tomato Soup    Pinned Image  Caramel Apple Spice  Perfect for Fall! BAKED apple cider doughnut holes (baked in a mini-muffin tin.) 
4. Dark Nails; This a repeat from last years five faves, but I'm such a sucker for OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark, I'm also loving Essie's Smokin' Hot. I normally wear darker colored nails majority of the time, but I've been making a serious effort to sport some bright nails, so when fall rolls around I can't wait to plop my bum in a nail salon and get my Lincoln Park After Dark on.

  Lincoln Park After Dark  Pinned Image 
5.Holidays; Halloween and Thanksgiving have to be my two favorite holidays. My mom used to be a make-up artist for films. So between my creativity and her special effects make-up skills my costumes always blew all the other kids in the neighborhood out the water. Thanksgiving is kind of a given, I mean who doesn't like having a few days off, eating tons of yummy food, and blowing some money the day after. I mean green bean casserole get at me!

Thanksgiving, a definition  . 
Pinned Image  Classic Roast Turkey    Green Bean Casserole  grown-up hot chocolate with homemade Bailey's marshmallows (gasp!) 
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So those are my top five, I hope your drooling over that green bean casserole and craving some serious scarf wearing right now. I know I am! A BIG thank you to Johanna for letting share. Be sure to stop be Style Foodie and say hi or tweet me @stylefoodie!

Happy Friday my dears!

Thanks Zoe - I love you; you always make me laugh. Your post is a visual explosion. I'm super excited now!!