Five Fall Faves: featuring Molly of A Foreign Land

By now we've all had time to sift through the September issues that arrived on newsstands (or in our mailbox) last month. But if you're anything like me, these magazines will be your best friends over the coming weeks.

Certainly looking through each one only once is not an option. These beauties will serve as "how to" guides for weeks to come.

I, like you, read a ton of blogs. Personal style and fashion blogs are a great source of inspiration when I'm looking at my closet and fighting those, "I have nothing to wear," thoughts.

But there is something so special about a bright, glossy, it-takes-two-hands-to-hold-because-it's-so-heavy September Issue. These original look books make my favorite season of the year even more special.

My love for them is so intense, every Fall I carve out one indulgent Saturday to focus on nothing but them. First, I make sure there's plenty of coffee and maybe a decadent treat or two available to fuel my adventure. Next, I don an outfit that would NEVER be featured in one of these tomes. Then I curl up on the couch, snuggled in my favorite cozy blanket and I savor every moment.

I dog ear pages. I dream. I make lists of must haves. Usually I kick myself for having pruned that piece several seasons ago that has now made its way back into the limelight.

While some people complain about all the ads that litter the pages of these enormous issues, I do not. Retailers and their ad departments really step up their game for the September issues. As far as I'm concerned, the ads are works of art. They only enhance my September ritual.

Although it's true that by the end of my special Saturday I have many, many more than five Fall faves. It is undoubtedly these five particular must haves that get the season started right.

Are you a September Issue junkie?
Is there one (or five) that you NEVER miss?

Guest Post PicMolly is a social media junkie with a thirst for life long learning and an appetite for cupcakes. Currently she can be found falling madly in love with Chicago and chronicling the whole affair at her blog A Foreign Land. She also tweets up a storm under the guise of @mollypg.

Thanks Molly! It's so rare to find time to sit and read a magazine but you may have built a case for me during our "nap times"! Happy dog-earring!