Spritzer Friday!

I can't say this week was particularly bad...just intense. I was going to share with you the kitchen remodel but I decided to wait until next week. I mean, two remodels in one week...rein it in, Johanna!

If I had my way...I'd be sipping on this little glass of deliciousness tonight whilst watching the start of track + field. It's Summer in a glass. But fear not, dear readers. My sense of humor shall return in full swing for it's less than a month until Dos arrives and I can hit the bottle. Kidding...maybe.

Weekly check ups have told us that baby girl is cozy and growing and almost double the size of Olivia's birth weight! I've felt some migratory punching on my right side for some reason. Perhaps she's angry that I have to visit the restroom every ten minutes after what seems like an eternity spent getting comfortable. This thing called life ain't easy, kid.

What's ahead for next week:
- we have our Monday "5 Summer Essentials" post
- kitchen remodel reveal
- Anastasia Cosmetics' Fall color palette {it's a goodie!}
- a movie I made for Olivia
- Fall fashion that imma craving

Cheers and have a lovely weekend!

Source: nutmegnanny.com via Johanna on Pinterest