My 2012 Five Fall Faves

Fall is undoubtedly the best time of year. I am thrilled to enter a new season, new fashion and rediscover my figure. No more baby bump for this girl! Last year, I cited some of my favorite things about Fall. And today is a slight variation on that theme.

Menswear is still big and I love the look in the first pic. That tweed coat is amazeballs.

A martini I shall drink. I cannot wait for some future date nights with my husband!!!

I always fall in love with a new pair of boots each year. You can never have enough and if you purge every guilt involved.

Leaves, leaves, leaves! Some of the best photography weather in store - and we will be taking our first round of family photos this a family of FOUR!

Halloween - my favorite. I've realized that pumpkins do not need to be carved. Totally competing this year with a chevron version like the above.

Stay tuned these next two weeks as I have some wonderfully, stylish ladies bringing you guest posts as I get to know my Lola-girl! xo

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