A Letter to my Second Daughter - the post that never got published!

Dear Daughter #2!
I wrote a letter to your big sister last year and here we are again. This one's all about you!

Wow were we shocked when we found out about you! In fact, we found out on New Year's Day, 2012. Of course, your sister, Olivia, was thrilled to become a big sister...I can assure you of that. We were still learning the ropes with her - it was craziness to think we'd have two of you running around our city condo. Speaking of...be glad we don't live there anymore. You have much more play space in our new house and no dangerous spiral staircases.

But back to you! You were quite different than your sister. You made mom kinda sick for awhile but that went away after three months. And you were very pronounced from the start. We affectionately referred to you as "Dos." It was hard to keep you a secret because you took on the shape of a beach ball from day one. People swore you were going to be a boy but something told me we were meant to have two girls. More on that later. I also had different cravings with you. Fruit did not interest me but sweets...man, you really like chocolate!

In March we took you to Florida with Olivia. You're such a good traveler. We did a lot of walking with you and you were happy as a clam. I think I have two beach babies! When we got back we went to the doctor to find out if you were a boy or a girl. Before the ultrasound was even done...Dad and I  knew. Girl! Let it just be said that you saved us a ton of money in clothes so thank you. You also inherited a majorly cool wardrobe from your big sister. Trust.

Your sister turned one in May and she still did not understand what was about to happen to her but over the summer she learned to pet my belly {you} "gently" and referred to you as "baba" which translated to baby. Even more importantly, she could say the name we picked out for you very early on. She's smart that one. We think Olivia is going to be a great playmate for you. She knows how to discipline Lucy, our dog, and she totally has dad wrapped around her finger. You should definitely learn to leverage that over time.

As for dad, he's a pretty confident father these days. You really lucked out in that arena. P.S. He let me decorate your nursery really cool so kudos to him. He's really good at teaching somersaults, singing, teaching you about different animals and he's quite excellent at the bed time routine. He also really enjoys driving home how important dental hygiene is - it's kinda weird but just go with it. And like your sister's letter - be ready for an introduction to some really great music...and some that makes mom want to beat her head against the wall.

There's so much more I could tell you but let's leave that for later. You're coming in two weeks! And thank you for not being breech or coming super early. Mom couldn't go through that again. Although I am a little nervous about the size of your head because your sister has a cranium in the 90th percentile. Yikes!

Oh and P.S. I would super love if you could show your sister what's up and be a good sleeper. That girl really gave us a run for our money so any help in that arena would be much appreciated. I have an incentive program if you're interested.

We love you and can't wait to meet you!