5 Summer Essentials: featuring Deirdre of Beauty Musts for Moms

Deirdre keeps it real and that's what I love about her. As a mother of two, she makes time to scoop out the most fashionable finds and appreciates the finer things...without taking life too seriously. And my friends, what's not to like about those qualities? I am excited to hear her findings on Blogher '12...she just went and moved into a new home simultaneously. Talk about a multi-tasking mama! Take it away Deirdre!
I’m beyond giddy to be here today on 101 Things I Love to share with you my 5 Summer Essentials. As we all know, wedding season is in full swing and in just a few short weeks I’ll be standing beside my future sister-in-law as she commits her love to my big brother. The bridal party and I have already thrown the bride-to-be a spa and margarita filled bachelorette party, and we’ve gathered with close relatives and friends to shower her with gifts and well wishes, so last on our list of celebrations before the big day is the rehearsal dinner. 

Here are a few items that are topping my (rather long) wedding weekend fashion wish list (starting at top right, and moving clockwise): 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 

Thanks so much for having me Johanna; I’m a 101 Things I Love groupie, for sure! I hope that your sweet readers (and fellow Johanna fans) will stop by Beauty Musts for Moms to learn a little more about my life as a mom of a 3-year-old diva and a 1-year-old daredevil. Until then, XO!

Thanks Deirdre...you're a doll and I'm loving your rehearsal dinner ensemble. Beachy but fem...my favorites. You can follow Deirdre on Twitter, too. 

And thank you to all my guest bloggers who participated in the 5 Summer Essentials series - it was a total joy to have you all. Let's go Fall! xoxo