Truth: a baby and a belly.

I certainly am not the first woman to have children 16 months apart. This I know. But truth be told, the physicality of chasing a 1 year old on top of being 8 months pregnant has caused emotions to erupt as of late. Recently, I found myself lamenting to my husband over tears and a girlfriend via text at which point it's perfectly okay for you to call me "hormonal". Truth is, having a huge barrel bump sit between you and the dishwasher, the laundry machine, a toy 4 feet away on the floor or even picking up your nugget is...well...rather frustrating. That and perhaps the fact that our little one has not slept through the night in 9 days. Yes, I said 9. She's been hanging onto a fierce cold that just won't go away.

Did I mention that our kitchen is going to be demo'd down to the studs next Tuesday? If that doesn't scream awesome...I don't know what does!

As you guys know, I hate to complain/complainers but this ain't easy. However it should be noted that shedding a few tears somehow makes you feel a little bit more sane...temporarily. Thank goodness for supportive husbands...and yoga pants.

Not really sure what the point of this post is other than to bring out the "real" once in awhile. Many blessings abound we/I have but man, I would kill to snatch a few winks or sit comfortably for more than an hour.

Enough. I'm done.
Just a dose of reality from this lady.
{P.S. for those that haven't had babies really is awesome. Don't let me scare you.}

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