Babble-on Friday

Wow...can we get a break with this heat or what? I've never wished for cool temps, sweaters and jeans in July. I live for Summer but this is just insanity. What's next? Locusts?

Who's excited for the Olympics? {points to self} This girl!!

On the home front...the kitchen is nearly complete. I cannot wait to get back to our routine. To be frank, I think Olivia is bored with the toys I packed her. Plus she told me she misses the park district pool. I understand.

The kitchen...looks so wonderful. Our team has been busting their humps and it's paying off. Can't wait to show you the end result and a little side project we did...a refurbished staircase that screamed "colonial times!" No longer the case.

What are you guys doing to enjoy these final dog days of July?

...and a congratulations to my friends Lisa, Chris and Tabitha on the birth of their beautiful babies this week. Congrats! xo

Source: via Johanna on Pinterest