"Stand-for-something" Friday!

You guys were awesome this week {well, you are every week}but this week was brimming with insightful commentary and good news all around! Just wanted to say thank you for that!
I particularly loved reading all your comments on yesterday's post...which was a very long one so I am glad you found it somewhat relatable.

On that note, temps are going to soar so break out those loose shift-y dresses and pour yourself a nice, chilled glass of rose`. At least that's what I would be doing if I could! Tonight includes a happy hour of sorts with our little nugget - kiddie cocktails for her and I - and an early dinner. Tomorrow we shop for kitchen counter tops {!!!!} and a car for the mister. That's as far as our plans go. And good thing because sitting down is my preferred position these days.

Make it a great one!

Source: esther.com.au via Johanna on Pinterest