Randomness and other things I am in love with...

:: Joey New York Day Gel and Night Cream Eye Duo - The main ingredient is young coconut water complex and that just seems right for summer. I've become addicted very quickly. It's said to promote a more youthful appearance, tighten and give you a more rested look. Sign me up!

:: Zara baby denim shorts - So friggin cute I can't stand it. She doesn't own them yet but man, I am melting.

:: Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis - Does this need an introduction? I am in love with this show...more than any of his other shows. Mix equal parts snarkiness with an amazing eye and you get Jeff Lewis. I just wish he'd branch out of CA!!

:: Mio - I hate that I like this. I used to be an avid water drinker yet I am really struggling this pregnancy to get it down. Perhaps I am tired of visiting the bathroom but my husband bought this and it was a game changer. We tried the mango peach. I swear I can see every leaf on every tree and the colors of the world are more vivid...that's how much I love this stuff.

:: Jonsbo Ilsbo table lamp - I got in trouble when I bought this the other day but it really is such an adorable lamp for a small side table. We have no lighting anywhere and necessity called when I broke Liv's other lamp. You can't buy more cuteness for $20.

:: Watermelon mania - Last pregnancy I ate mangoes as if they were nearing extinction. This pregnancy,  if I don't have watermelon every day...something is off. I crave it like no other.

:: Pink Sugar perfume - I go back to it every Summer. It's to me what sandals are to sundresses. I would drink it if I could. It is that good.

What are you craving?