Olivia has been saying "dad" for months now. It's a very sharp "dad" with an emphasis on the "d" at the end. It's quite endearing. And while any new vocabulary she acquires deserves many-a-golf-clap and a "bravo"...I've been secretly waiting for the "mom". Perhaps getting a little sad, too.

But then, last week, clear as a bell, she looked at me and said "MA" and then "ma ma ma ma"! And after a lot of cheering and waving of diapers...she stared at me perplexed and then gave me a coy smile as if she knew how to say it all along. She was just testing my loyalty, if you will.

Enter last week and the kid is standing and drinking from her own sippy cup solo. Did someone hit a fast forward button? I mean, no complaints but the rate at which they grow and when they decide to grow is baffling. I am pretty sure tomorrow I will fetch her from her crib and she will be speaking fluent Spanish or something.

Mission Big Sister in full force!

...and the winner of my Company Store giveaway is Alaine88! Be sure to email me your address and congratulations!