I needed to create a second post today to check off some housekeeping items...just keeping you looped in.

  1. Today: my dad's birthday. He's had a lot on his plate these days with work but everyone, please wish him a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY as the guy surely deserves it. In fact, this post's image made me think of my dad - Happy Birthday Dad. Love you, mean it!
  2. Pardon our dust: you may notice some changes and general chaos on 101 things these next few weeks. That's because my awesome-sauce friend, Gloria, is redoing my blog design. Get excited, the finished result is nothing short of awesome.
  3. You guys: ...are awesome. I've seen new faces around these parts and you've been so supportive hence I owe you a big THANKS. Today's post is dedicated to you, too. And I'm really excited to share a final piece of news with you in the coming days but I need to hold out a tad bit longer. I think you'll be as excited as I am. Stay tuned.
  4. Giveaway: there's an adorable giveaway that I launched today. You should get involved, seriously dudettes. Don't delay because it ends Sunday.
That's all folks. Happy Tuesday and remember, tomorrow is Hump Day which could mean a lot of different things to you folks. All of which could be a very enjoyable experience. xo