What I'm lovin' about Liv right this minute...

With only 4 more months to go in this pregnancy, something about my time with Olivia has become very precious and pressing at the same time. While I'm extraordinarily excited about the prospect of becoming a family of 4; I almost feel this dire need to spend every last waking moment with my almost 1 year old while she's awake and my husband while he's awake, too. Ha! {We retire to bed quite early these days}

And amidst all the chaos and excitement of moving ...it's hard to find a few quite moments to enjoy both people in my life.

Here's what I'm marveling at with lil Miss Liv:
  • She is our saber tooth tiger. Those little broken chiclets are coming in hot!
  • I love how her little hands always smell like peach puffs. Her current snack du jour.
  • I love her fuzzy little brown hair that's beginning to clump in true bed head fashion in the AM.
  • Her super soft skin. It's the best. 
  • Her long lashes are kinda stunning...can't beat that side profile.
  • I love that she's learned to say "uh-oh" and "hi".
  • The hilarity that ensues when I hear her grumbling and disciplining her toys. Sister is serious!
  • Seeing her rock back and forth and start the journey of the Great Crawl is pretty thrilling.
  • She's a scooter, too...oh the wonder of wood floors.
  • Her chubby baby fingers. 
  • I love when she reaches up to me or pulls on my pajama leg. 
  • The excitement that spreads across her face when Mickey Mouse comes on in the morning. 
  • The pride that she exhibits when she's accomplished something like clapping, waving or feeding herself.
  • Watching her eat real people food is fantastic. Every day is a flavor exploration.
  • Her steady, heaving breathing through the monitor once she's sound asleep - it's very sweet with her tush hiked up in the air.
  • I love the big smile she greets us with every morning as she's chatting away in her crib.
  • Her feet in moccasins. And gold oxfords. 
I know only a mother could stomach this list and my 22 year old self would probably be rolling her eyes but turns out it's all pretty fascinating. Hopefully she'll read this one day.