Litany of Love

Today's Litany of Love is laser-focused on one thing: baubles. Bauble Bar to be exact. Here's what I'm lovin' from the interweb's best jewelry destination...IMO, of course!

  1. Just a little touch of neon for your wrist.
  2. Rose gold and links = DONE.
  3. You had me at "tangelo".
  4. This resin necklace would be your Summer staple, trust me.
  5. An up-to-date nameplate necklace.
  6. Gemstone-y earrings. Very organic looking.
  7. More cuff love!
  8. I'd wear this orb ring paired with #2.
  9. Festival wear for your inner hippie.
  10. Gorgeous cascade earrings for your fancier nights out on the town.