Inspiration: white kitchens

For the sake of full disclosure; I'll have you know that I am above and beyond excited for a few {new} home projects that should be completed before the summer is over. One of 'em is our kitchen. My tastes have changed dramatically and in this house the building blocks for each room will revolve around dark, hardwood floors and a white base. Hence my affinity for white kitchens. It just so happens my family is in the business of custom kitchens and bath hence our love for white was relatively easy to achieve for cost. My brother is tweaking the final drawings but in the meantime, I'll share with you the images we used as inspiration...inspiration "dream kitchen"!

My favorite of the four is the first image. It's perfect. 

I'll take some "before" pictures so that you can revel in the joy I face each morning which includes but is not limited to 1987 maple cabinetry and salmon pink counter tops. {yes, you read that right...I like to think Clair Huxtable lived here as I sip my coffee each morning} 

But hey: we already have new, wood floors and they've been stained a lovely coffee bean color. They're scrumptious. Kitchen to follow! Follow me along the way, won't you?

{Hint: there's more in store...think ocean blue carpeting in each and every bedroom complete with matching curtains. Jealous much?}

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