Buy this for your lips!

image courtesy Google's so good to be back. Not having access to the interwebs for the last five days has proven to be a test of my character. There are however many pro's such as surviving the move and spending loads of time with my husband and little one. {thank you for all your sweet notes last week!} However, as much as it is healthy to be disconnected for a good bit - I can now truthfully admit to you how very addicted I am to my laptop and reality TV. {cue desperation face} 

Speaking of reality TV...I recently became hooked on a new, Chicago-based hit called "House of Consignment". I've had a few friends make cameos which has been fun to watch. To that end, I recently tweeted the star character, the lovely Corri McFadden, about her lipstick du jour. Let's just say I've been a wee bit obsessed with her perfect pout. And...she promptly tweeted back which kinda made my day.

Right before the move last week, I ordered MAC's "Girl about Town" and there it was; sitting on my door step. My first package! This lipstick does not disappoint. Everyone knows MAC lip products are long-lasting and highly pigmented but this shade is just the pick me up I needed for Spring/Summer. I've been rocking coral for quite some time so I was ready to expand my lipstick repertoire. One swipe of this hue and I am set for the day. You read that need to reapply. It actually stains your lips the perfect popsicle stain pink as the day wears on. And ultra flattering! 

My arsenal is complete...and now I am passing it on to you...from one perfect pout to another!