Round table: Do you dress for your man or your friends {or for you}?

photos courtesy The Cut
It's a question that's been pondered over many a glass of wine. And the answers never get old for me.

Do you dress for your man or your friends?
Or even better...yourself?

photo courtesy Vogue

My answer? 
I think I do a little bit of both. 

After baby{ies}, I still want to put together and have my husband think I am attractive. A little lipstick, a shower, attire that is not made of sweatshirt material, a polished ponytail - that's all you need.

On the other hand, I work at looking "cute" in front of my gal pals, too. I like to stay on trend and prove to them that I am not all "momma" or all "business" all the time. Kind of like a hybrid mullet...that's how I would describe my style. 

But, I digress...and well, that's a weird comparison, Johanna. to hear your answers. Hit me!