Dude, I get it!

I have to tell you; we're pretty excited about "Dos". That's what my husband so affectionately nicknamed baby #2. Fitting. And while I have the said worries that everyone seems to be vocalizing these days - the positives far outweigh the negative. You see, my brother and I are 6.5 years apart and while we have a wonderful relationship now...there was a definite gap for years due to the different stages we were in. Still - I wouldn't have it any other way!

That said, you'd be surprised at the responses I've received since announcing "Dos". Here's a small sampling:
  • Wow, you're a brave woman!
  • Man, you guys don't waste time.
  • Chuckles in disbelief {shakes head} - for the record, this is my favorite. It's perfect parts condescending meets rude.
  • Silence. 
  • Hey, that's awesome! Good for you guys. 
  • Wow, Olivia is going to be a great big sister.
  • Shut up!
For the most part, people are positive and sweet knowing how hard it was to conceive and how hard it is for couples in general these days. My kids will be exactly 16 months apart. And while I wasn't raised being super close in age to my brother...I think it could be really cool for Olivia and Dos to be close. {hey, that rhymes!} They will go to the same elementary schools, maybe have some of the same friends and be great playmates. How cool is that?

I wouldn't say I am dreading the work - but let's just say I know what's in store. And yes, to the nay-sayers, I know the next 3 years of my life will consist of an utter lack of sleep and some tough moments. And yes, I'm totally aware that we will have two chitlins under 2 years of age. And yes, I realize I will have mega baby weight to lose and it will probably be super difficult to leave the house without spit up of some sort on my blouse. Yes, I know this. But, you know what I have to say to all of this?

I feel lucky. I feel blessed. We wanted a family and we got it. And we still like each other - all of us - after one big year of change. Olivia has been a blast and an accomplishment. Our biggest accomplishment to date. 

Now how can having another baby ever be a bad thing? I'm thinking it will be nothing short of AMAZING!  {I say this as Olivia is leaning on me whilst watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...mornings are the best...Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is like crack to babies, FYI!!}

PS - stay tuned; you may be the winner of my giveaway!