Catch your breath, Friday!

Another week, another month! We are on the countdown...anxiously awaiting our FL vacation. In the meantime, I've got one heck of a weekend sitting in the wings. My company has secured a booth at this trade show all weekend. Which makes for long days on my feet {9-5pm, Sat-Mon} and very little time with my family. I'm a little bummed about that part. Husband has been really towing the load this past month. To say I appreciate him just doesn't seem to be enough. But with a vacation a week helps us get through the tough parts.

I thought this image was very fitting for the weekend. Because truly, I do look forward to 5pm rolling around and sitting next to you, dear husband, doing nothing on the couch. Thanks for being the stellar guy that you are and an awesome dad. I promise, this is the end of the crazies!

And for you lovely ladies...have a splendid weekend. Please indulge in a glass of wine for me. xo

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