Round table: What do you wear to bed?

story of my life.

Pajamas. We all have our favorites. Some prefer the sultry look. Some go for comfort {read: me} And some go for cozy cuteness. Try as I might over the years, sweats usually win because of the cold temps. And when Summer rolls around...I get really creative and sleep in a tshirt. I knew it was time for a change when my mom came to sit for Olivia  and took one look at my pajamas and said..."whoa, looks like it's time to get some new pj's?!" Apparently a beat-up White Sox tee is not sexy. Who knew?

So...I ask you, dear readers: what do you wear to bed? Looks like I need to revisit my P.M. wardrobe!

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P.S. Look at this little angel nugget!
angel wing pajamas

***Update: The verdict is in. Comfort outweighs sultry. Looks like I am not alone. {ha}***