Little Miss Manners: blogging etiquette

photo courtesy We Heart It
For most of us, blogging is a hobby; a creative outlet. And for a small, lucky percentage of us, it's a career. Regardless of how you view blogging...I am curious to hear your thoughts on what makes a great blog.

Is it:
  • great, original content
  • more images vs. copy
  • more copy vs. image
  • thousands of followers
  • DIY's
  • creative series that features fellow bloggers
  • giveaways
  • a nicely curated blog roll 
  • niche content - example: fashion vs. interiors
  • personal photos and snapshots of the blogger's life
Conversely, I've been wondering what makes a great blogger. You know, the person behind the machine. Perhaps we all have different definitions. 

Is it:
  • a comment back to each reader who leaves a comment for you
  • a friendly email in return for a comment
  • a follow back to your reader's blogs {i.e. new Google reader}
And I suppose the final frontier...what makes you stop following a blog? This truly runs the gamut. 

I am just thinking out loud and would be curious to hear your opinions. I suppose there is something we can all glean from it and who knows, perhaps this will become a series in and of itself. What do you think of that idea?

...just some deep thoughts for your Tuesday!
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