Here comes The Rub...

How often do you splurge on yourself? 
Better yet, how often do you read the ingredients in your favorite beauty products?

When the ladies of Splurge Skincare approached me asking if I'd like to sample their organic products...the answer was a resounding "YES!". Made in the good ol' U.S.A., Splurge Skincare blends certified organic ingredients and essential oils to create amazing products like their ever popular "The Rub" - an amazing body scrub - and "Lip Buttah" - an ultra moisturizing lip balm.

I was fortunate enough to try both. I sampled a full size tub of the Peppermint and Almond "The Rub" scrubs. Almond was my favorite and I am a picky scrubber. This scrub doesn't leave a greasy residue behind and more importantly, it doesn't hurt to exfoliate. Ever have that in a scrub? Ouch! The Almond scent was subtle and I kid you not, my skin felt intensely soft...light years of a difference from the leathery skin I was gifted from this year's Winter-y mix. {bonus: husband didn't complain about sliding around in the shower  post-scrub!}

The "Lip Buttah" walks the walk. I received the Lemon scent and it truly is like "buttah" for your lips. I apply it every morning before my layer of coral lipstick. This has now become an essential step in my routine. My lipstick doesn't feather off anymore! Of course, I'd wear it alone, too!

Give Splurge Skincare a chance and do something for yourself - for once! Remember, no parabens, sulfates or other chemicals. Just the real deal - cocoa butter, shea, coconut oil and jojoba. The scents range from almond, orange, lemon, chocolate and peppermint. Yum!

Take a cue from the two besties that started Splurge - spoil yourself naturally!