180 - vacation update

Hi guys. So! We booked our vacation in March. We settled on the Florida Keys for a number of reasons. {I know, quite the departure from places like Costa Rica and the Cayman Islands}. The reason being, and husband brought up a great point, is that Olivia hasn't had a full year of immunizations and God forbid something happened to her while we are away.

We're pretty excited for the warm weather and we've heard some amazing feedback about the Keys regarding how walkable it is not to mention how casual and family friendly it is.

Have you all ever been? Do you have any recommendations on places to eat, go, see? For sure on my list is the Hemingway House. What else should we know?

By the way, thank you so much for your feedback from my last post! So many wonderful suggestions...I definitely plan on Costa Rica come our next big trip. xo

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