Five Winter Steals & Splurges: meet Meg of henning love

Meg is just all around adorable. Visiting her blog is like a breath of fresh air. Whether she's cooking up a mean streak in the kitchen or designing her Friday Fancy...the girl's got a good eye. Her style is laid back, cool with a heavy dose of approachability and that's what I like about her. That and her winning smile. But I think the thing I like most about Meg is how much she interacts with her blog readers. You can always count on Meg to respond to your comment and that goes along way. What's not to like about this blondie? Absolutely nothing. Meet Meg!

In December, our world is colored by red and green and then we transition into a new year and a new month and the general consensus for the color of the month is snowy white. When Johanna asked me to participate in her series, 5 Winter Splurges and Steals, my mind started to get creative with the five white items that I would love to have or that represent me and the month of January.

1. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of January is celebrating birthdays.
In the month of January, my mom and my aunt's birthday (January 6), my mother-in-law's (January 9), mine (January 10), and another aunt's birthday (January 29).

2. The beginning of a new year and new month allows me to brush off the dirt and dust from last year and start fresh, start anew with new home accessories. If I didn't receive the following beautiful vases under the tree, then I would definitely splurge and decorate my house with these.

3. Each year on my birthday, I always like to have an outfit to wear - a special outfit to make me feel beautiful and happy on my birthday. It could just be a work outfit or I would love a fun and gorgeous party dress like this one to splurge on for my birthday.
Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

4. To me, nothing says beautiful like a chest of drawers and a space to get ready in, to do your make-up, put on your jewelry and look your absolute best. If I could design my room this photo would be my inspiration and ultimate splurge!
Source: via ManaRose on Pinterest

5. Lastly, when it is cold outside, and the snow is falling and you have the opportunity to stay inside and snuggle under the bed - I am craving to a space like this to curl up under the covers, grab a great book or watch a movie and be with my loved ones. I would totally splurge on a beautiful, grandiose white bedroom set.

Thanks all white palette definitely seems appropos for January. I'll take a cupcake in bed while donning a sequin dress any day. xo