Fem Friday!

Hey Friday - glad to meet ya! I was dreading diving back into work this week but let me tell ya...this has been a wonderful week. We received all sorts of good news that I can't wait to share with you very soon! Besides, you'll never hear me complain about a 4-day work week...am I right?

What's on your agenda? We are laying low and getting organized with a visit to my parents since my dad is recovering from knee replacement surgery. Not to worry though...he's a total champ. I think on Day 3 my mom told me she woke up to him making eggs in the kitchen with his walker. Seriously...who does that?

Enjoy some R&R and this nutso weather. 50 degress, hello! I heard on the news that 98% of our nation is above average temps. Global warming anyone?

P.S. I've been loving all your comments and feedback this week. Keep it coming and thank you!!


Source: us.topshop.com via Johanna on Pinterest