So...along with everyone's 2012 resolutions resonating in the blogosphere as of late...I thought I'd clean up my act as well. In the food department, that is. A friend of mine printed me a 3-day cleanse that husband and I are giving a shot; starting today. You can eat, too which let's face it - was a non-negotiable. I'd be lying if I said I didn't abuse chocolate over the holidays so to say this is not a test of my willpower would be an understatement. My hope is to detox, get rid of the cravings and maybe lose 2-3 lbs. This is our first shot at a cleanse. I am over the drinking but coffee...yikes, wish me luck!

Have you guys every detoxed or done a cleanse? What were the results? Would you ever do one again?

Source: via Johanna on Pinterest