The best of intentions...

photo courtesy Google Images
This is the part, a recap if you will, where I tell you how our cleanse went. For the sake of full disclosure and to sum it up: we were a failure. It wasn't that it was hard to prepare the recipes or stock our fridge full of ingredients. It wasn't the fact that I had to go meatless for 3 days...nope, none of those. Do you know what it was? It was, speaking for myself - not husband, going without caffeine every day. It was too much. Too much in the sense that after having a raging headache for 2 days straight that we finally looked at each other and without saying anything; hi-5'd and ordered takeout. For the record, husband had a headache for 2 days straight, too and he doesn't even come close to the degree of caffeine addiction I have. {I blame this on Olivia and my new sleep schedule since having her}

And can I be even more honest? I really wanted to do this but we couldn't get past dinner on Day 2. The texture of the stews and soups...well, they kinda left us gagging. No bueno. We hit the ball out of the park with breakfast and lunch. Snacks, yeah, we got this. But we were starving! And oh, there was that coffee I bought @ Starbucks because I had meetings and I was fearful that I might strangle a client. Angrrrrry.

There. It's all out in the open. We failed. Would I do it again...yes, BUT I would do a fancy and pricier version like this one. Less guess work and a helluva lot tastier from what I hear.

And I have to tell you the clincher or what made me throw in the towel...and I felt guilty, trust in this. My husband looked at me and said, "Why would we continue doing something that made us feel awful? Being healthy shouldn't be this painful." And you know what, he's right.

Know what else...that chicken vesuvio that I ordered; it was friggin' delicious!