Sneezy, snotty Friday

You guys...what a week! I have not had a cold this bad in ages. I've been med'ed up while trying to suck down every recommended glass of water, juice, Emergen-c and cup of tea. It ain't pretty. You know that look you get when you're sick? You're pale and glassy-eyed and even your favorite coral lipstick looks somehow weird on you? Yeah, that one...that's me. Please send prayers that baby girl and husband do not catch this. I will feel truly awful.

P.S. Did you know that olive leaf extract helps boost your immune system when you're feeling run down. Thank you Whole Foods & Erika!

Alas, a quitter I am not! Tonight is our girl's holiday dinner so I need to pull up my proverbial boot straps and dive into some french food. {sad that my taste buds/appetite are still meh but hey, nothing like the "sick" diet right after Turkey Day...hello skinny jeans. ok, that's wrong.} They say a glass of red wine is good for you, too!

What are you guys doing? Anyone heading to Renegade or Dose? I will be there...stocking stuffer time!