Mommy Morsels

Like so many blogs I admire, Hank and Hunt became a quick addiction with its down-to-earth posts and awesome DIY tips. Blogger, mother and author, Jenny, is also a contributing editor for The Sweetest Occasion - watch out'll spend hours on this site, too! What I love about Hank and Hunt is that it's all about parties and finding inspiration in the everyday. Her posts are clever and always bring a smile to my face...think endless creativity and spunk. I now present...Mommy Morsels by Hank and Hunt

I am so happy Johanna invited me to share some of our favorite things over here. I have a few things that we couldn’t go a day without. 
favorite things at casa H+H
  1. Tonka Truck = BEST GIFT EVER.: Classic, metal, tough. I got one for Henry at my baby shower, and then another one later from our friend.  One per kid is the best ratio, so they can chase each other around the yard. *not just for boys, girls love them too!
  2. Boogie Wipes :Crusties come off like butter.  ‘nuff said.
  3. Boys clothes from Target: 99% of our shirts come from Target.  They are thick, wash well and have the cutest designs. They also use the word AWESOME in a lot of tops, which we may or may not own all of them.
  4. Dwell Studio Color and Count Place mats: Peel off and have little ones color away waiting for lunch.  Then toss the place mat (and sticky mess) away.  Perfect. 
  5. Use Crayola crayons:  Spend the extra cents and get the good crayons.  Seriously.
  6. Skippyjon Jones: Hunter’s favorite book ever.  I have to say the greatest book to read, once you get the hang of it...don’t forget a fake accent for fun!  Hunter was Skippyjon Jones for Halloween this year, but I didn’t know they already had a costume. Pleased as punch that I made a green cape, got a mask, added ears and a tail for it. Found this kit while I was grabbing links. OY! Psst. mines cuter!
  7. Schleich Toys: Best animal toys ever. My boys love these as much as legos.  Sometimes more, depending on the day. I didn’t put legos on the list, because honestly, who doesn’t love legos. These, on the other hand, are so cool I even stole some to make those cupcake toppers of mine. Yes, I had to replace them immediately. 
  8. Cowboy Boots: A H+H staple since Henry was 2. Both boys have pairs and wear them more than any other pair of shoes they own.  Henry only doesn’t wear them when he wants to “run.” I’m pretty sure these are why my kids can’t tie their own shoes. 
  9. *shhhhhhh....super secret weapon: I use this when I really have to do a photo shoot and NOTHING will keep them occupied. For use with emergencies only, if they get bored with this I have nothing left. Ok, besides having to learn how to shoot in artificial light after they go to sleep, boo.'re awesome! Thank you for guest blogging today. All your tips and treats make me want to have a little boy...did I just say that? Oops!