2011 learnings and epiphanies

photo courtesy Patterson Maker
Wow. What a year! Here's what I learned...remember last year's?
{in no apparent order and still based on my opinion only}
  1. I am an intense person. As in...I feel intensely about the people and things I love and conversely the opposite.
  2. I think saving money kinda sucks.
  3. I know by the time I write this that I will be ready for another vacation. I miss travel but I LOVE baby girl.
  4. Moving to the suburbs does not frighten me anymore.
  5. My love for honey crisp apples is now tied with oranges and mangoes.
  6. Colored tights make winter a heck of a lot BRIGHTER. Why didn't I rock these before?
  7. My friends are like cats...they always land on their feet even after hard times.
  8. My parents think everything and everywhere outside our hometown is dangerous. {you know it's true!}
  9. Seeing my brother go through a bad breakup makes me sad.
  10. Seeing my brother meet a really great girl makes me happy.
  11. Seeing my brother's bare a*s makes me scared. {don't ask...it was a night of imbibing for him}
  12. Lucy now has unconditional love for someone else besides husband and I...baby, too!
  13. Strollers are heavy.
  14. Wine is divine after a 9 7-month hiatus.
  15. Having bigger boobs from pregnancy is the cat's meow. I retract this statement. Overrated.
  16. Having a bigger butt...not so much.
  17. I still don't want an iPhone.
  18. I kinda think anonymous, mean blog comments are lame. Stop hiding or reading; one of the two.
  19. Frozen yogurt...yes, you are very good.
  20. I am never driving a minivan.
  21. Sometimes I wish I could meet more of my blog friends in person. I love you guys!
  22. Husband is a really good dad. But I knew that going in.
  23. Natural disasters really stink but on the flip side, they make me ever so grateful for what I have.
  24. I never ever want to be sick or hospitalized for a long period of time. But, who does?!
  25. You really don't need that much sleep to survive.
  26. Color blocking is the best trend to hit fashion, in my books.
  27. Being perfect at work and at home is tough stuff. Guess I'll have to pick one.
  28. Blogging has opened a lot of doors this year. Again...so grateful.
  29. I truly get the saying..."don't judge a book by it's cover."
  30. Baby coos are the best noise ever. and ever.
  31. Getting your period again is for the birds.
  32. I'm a people pleaser...which has its pros and cons.
  33. Thank god wide leg denim made a return. I love you GAP trousers.
  34. Forgiveness is powerful.
  35. Grudges are a waste.
  36. Dawn dish soap is the best jewelry cleaner on the cheap.
  37. Splurging on a new blog design was worth every penny.
  38. Hug the ones you love. Life is very short.
  39. I think we are ready for baby no. 2. I think.
  40. Meeting Chicago bloggers and calling them my friends IRL has been really fun. You guys make having a blog totally worth it.
Goodbye 2011. It's been swell.