Mag Mile Lights Festival

If you're the type of person who has a hard time getting into the holiday spirit...look no further. The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival is the answer to your scroogi{ness}. We started this tradition last year when I was a minute pregnant and decided it needed to become a tradition. Actually, I decided it needed to become a tradition and husband obliged, good man that he is. Even though our nugget is only 6 months, I envision this becoming a really fun memory for her and something that she will get into more and more as she gets older.

We really lucked out as the car read 58 degrees! Perfect temps! 

Husband took this shot and it's my favorite. It completely captures the spirit plus I love how Mickey is the only thing in focus!

My favorite float. Who doesn't love claymation Rudolph? I ask you! 

...and this was Liv's face the entire parade. You could say she was wonderstruck.

P.S. Come back and visit tomorrow - new series to begin!