Halloween in the city.

Who says Halloween isn't cool in the city? This week we tagged along with some friends for trick-or-treating. Let it be said that their neighborhood knows how to get in the spirit. Each house was completely decked out and the streets were teaming with little ones in full regal. I saw astronauts, cowgirls, princesses, dragons...you name it! And the parents! I love anyone who knows and appreciates Halloween as much as I do. In fact, I like Halloween better than Thanksgiving and Christmas!

My friend Sarah and her little King Kong. Might I add the cutest King Kong I've ever met! 

Check the astronaut. Warm and super cool as far as costumes go!

The adult beverage wagon {secured with bungee cords, of course}
P.S. The host wore a Beauty Pageant costume. He's a man.

We're bundled up. Too bad you can't see our costume. 

Amazing carved pumpkins. The above...Congress. Yeah, I said Congress. 

 And why does anyone want to move to the suburbs? I don't know...seeing homes like these made a strong case for staying in the city. Just sayin'.

King Kong's sister. She was Wonder Woman.  And adorable.

The end. We can't eat candy so...we eat our hand instead.

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