Gifting Guide: for the dog walker

After yesterday's post, I got a tweet from Mel asking guessed it - a gifting guide for the dog walker! And there's nothing more I love doing than shopping for other people let alone spending their money. Ha! Kidding...erm...anyway.

It got me we really appreciate and show our appreciation for all the people that perform the little services for us everyday? Probably not as much as we should so I say...great idea, Mel. Your dog walker braves the elements, offers endless love and continues to be a reliable support system for that adorable pooch of yours. They deserve a lil' something, too! Here are my top picks - I tried to stay unisex because I wasn't sure if your dog walker was a he or a she:
  1. Dog print
  2. Cable cap
  3. Coffee mugs 
  4. Starbucks gift card
  5. Holiday ornament
Cheers...I'd be happy to receive any of the above if I was a professional pooch pal!