To most people who meet her; her name is Nancy. To some, she is mom. Others call her sister, friend or Mrs. G. To her grandkids, she is Fancy Nancy. Husband and I - we have a different name for her. We call her Walter. As in Walter Payton. Maybe you're not familiar with Walter Payton or from Chi-town...see here. Walter Payton was the greatest running back of American football history. Also known as the "Sweetness" and an instrumental figure in not only our last Superbowl but the infamous Superbowl Shuffle. In one word, he was: unstoppable.

Where am I going with this? Walter {aka Fancy Nancy}is unstoppable. I mean, look at that smile?! She has 6 grandkids and more energy than my husband and I combined. I kid you not. And today friends, today is Walter's birthday! You will never meet someone more passionate about her family. She even bought Olivia Fancy Nancy books for her library before she was born!

So today, today we salute you, Fancy Nancy. We give three cheers for you, Walter. It's your birthday and you can have your cake and eat it, too.

We'd never try to stop ya!