Lip Service

photos courtesy Exude Lipstick
You can imagine the elation I felt upon hearing that Rachel Zoe was fronting the brand new, chic lipstick line: Exude. Not only is she my style idol but I ♥ lipstick and makeup in general. {hello, I love my job!} Ask me any question in your arsenal about lip products and I will answer it. In fact, I carry no less than 10 lip products in my bag at any given time. And yes, I use them all with tender lovin' care. They can transform a look in minutes. They can make a weary face brighten instantly. And let's face it...lipstick = hot lips! Don't even get me started on the perfecto packaging.

Read my lips: you're gonna want to run out and buy Exude lipstick, pronto! My favorite is the Cranberry.

Buy 'em here for $29! Mega moisture and mega muah's comin' your way...