Five Fall Faves: meet Zoe of Style Foodie

Where do I begin with Zoe? She's sweet as pie and has a killer sense of humor. And she knows how to cook up some mean Fall recipes. We call that a triple threat. I think I am naturally drawn to the creative types and that she is! Style Foodie is a mix between culinary delights and fashion...tune in especially to her Friday Fancies...your shopping list will grow exponentially. Meet Zoe!

Hi 101 lovies! I'm Zoe and I blog over at Style Foodie, I'm so excited to be sharing my Five Fall Faves with with all of you. As you know Miss J and little miss O are quite the fancy ladies, so you can imagine my giddiness when Johanna ask me to contribute to her series. I LOVE Fall, it's my favorite season. Living in the Midwest I always get to see my seasons, and it's one of the things I would miss if I ever made a move to L.A.

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Dark nail polish! I choose my nail colors by season and dark colors are my favorite, so I love busting out OPI's "Lincoln Park After Dark" as soon as September rolls around.
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Changing Leaves/Halloween (I know that's technically two but you'll let it slide right?). I love how pretty the leaves look, they symbolize Fall for me. And HALLOWEEN it's one of my favorite "holidays", love decorating, baking the goods, watching movies, handing out candy, and picking/carving pumpkins!
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Boots! Once it gets cold I LIVE in boots! I love wearing them with skirts, shorts w/ tights, of course jeans, and layering them with funky tights and leg warmers.
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Seasonal drinks. Probably the highlight of Fall is switching back to warm coffee drinks. Confession: I've never actually had a pumpkin spiced latte, but it looks good. I am holding out for my pumpkin trip with the girls to try one.
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Snuggling! I love to cuddle, but it's just a little extra special when you get a nice little snuggle session with a certain someone on a chilly Fall day.
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Those are my top 5 Fall Faves, I have so many it was actually really hard to only pick five! What are you Fall Faves? 
A BIG thank you to Miss Johanna for including me in this series!

Thanks Miss Zoe...I loved your picks and I loved having you participate in this series! You reminded me of all the things I take for granted in such a short, fleeting season. xo