Five Fall Faves: meet Tiffany of Savor Home

The moment I first laid eyes on Tiffany's blog, I knew she was going to be a daily read for me. The presence of clean, white space with a knack for posting amazing interiors - she became a quick favorite. Even her blog profile picture drew me in - she seemed welcoming, warm and savvy all at once! And her great taste for interiors seamlessly transitions over to fashion, too. She's one to watch so please enjoy her guest post'll be back for more!

Hi there 101 lovers! My name is Tiffany and I am the author of Savor Home. I adore Johanna's blog, so I am super excited to be here today participating in her Five Fall Faves series. Are you just as excited as I am about Fall?? Fall is my absolute most favorite season of the year. The air is fresh and crisp, the food is warm and the fashion is spectacular! It was really hard to narrow down just five of my faves, but here goes...
My favorite Fall accessory is a chunky scarf. They are fashionable and certainly serve their purpose of keeping me warm. Sometimes I find myself walking around the house in my pj's and a chunky scarf. Strange I know, but that's just how much I love em'...
Don't get my wrong, I really love boots, but my favorite Fall shoe is a beautiful wedge. I have a high arch, so wedges are comfortable to me. I love to pair them with dark jeans or tights and a chunky sweater. And speaking of a chunky sweater...
It's my favorite Fall top. I especially like chunky sweaters with extra long sleeves. The longer sleeves act as gloves or as a hot cup holder. Love that.
Fall just wouldn't be Fall without apples, my favorite Fall food. I love apple crisps, apple pies, apple tarts-- apple anything. I'm extra happy if the recipe has a kiss of cinnamon.
Dana Eason Photography
My favorite Fall activity is cuddling up on my couch with a warm blanket and my furry cat, Maxwell. This was our 2010 holiday photo. Max is extra cuddly in the Fall (he has been curled up next to me the entire time I have been writing this post). I just love him to pieces!
There are so many more things I love about Fall! You can find out what they are by visiting my blog, following me on Pinterest or on Twitter! Happy Fall and thanks so much for having me Johanna!

My pleasure Tiffany! I love your picks and now I'm craving something apple! xo

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