Currently loving...

 ...Olivia's new pink sneaks. I like to think she is supporting National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

 ...amazing chandeliers like the above. I go in an out of these phases but this one is the bee's knees.

 ...pumpkins! Anytime I can sneak in some sparkle with the Mister is a good day!! The Mister bought his "ladies" this Fall bouquet. {cue Hallmark music...awww!}

...H&M! It was a color blocking fantasyland. I started sweating 10 feet in the door. {I sweat when I get excited and there was so much color I stood there like a deer in headlights for a minute before I could regain my composure and organize my thoughts} Hey - I haven't been shopping in ages and I was excited! Anyway, I bought this cute lil' jacket which will be perfect for work and for the weekends.

My new mantra is: only buy things you love. Mission accomplished.

And the frosting on my cupcake this weekend was not 1 but 2 celebrity sightings. Wanna hear 'em? Mmmmmkay.
  1. Liv and I stopped by Argo Tea near Michigan and Pearson and just as I tapped this kind gentleman to see if he was in line...I went whoa. He's an actor. He's Billy Zane {Titanic? Anyone?} Let me just tell you his wife is a knockout and their daughter will melt your face off. Good looking family and...and...he asked how old Livie was and said she was cute! How ya like me now? What did I do? I stood there smiling all toothy like an idiot. Purrrfecttttt.
  2. I was walking out of H&M, again with the Liv-meister, and there were a bunch of shelter dogs on the corner and this really pretty woman was bent down smiling and petting them. The closer I's Giuliana Rancic who I happen to find a-dor-able. There she was in all her stunning glory talking to her fans and smiling. Super gorge and super genuine. So instead of standing there like a goober...I did the proper thing and tweeted her. Duh! And...and...she tweeted me back. Hello!! Now we are BFF's for sure.
That was my weekend. How was yours? Anyone want to hang with me on Michigan Avenue next weekend?