News from the crib...

photo courtesy Picsy
There have been some milestones over at our house and I thought I'd share:

First off - Olivia had her second round of vaccinations and upon weighing her...the nurse exclaimed, "She's 12 pounds, oh my gosh!" Yup our little girl is a preemie no more. We've entered the land of double digits. Hoorah!

Also on the radar are Olivia's lashes. Yeah..see them?! My mom is gullible convinced that I am applying Latisse to her eyelashes every night. *ahem*

We also have a problem with socks. As in she refuses to wear them on her left foot. Observe. I found this sock in the kitchen, in the living room and on the stairs at least 5x's yesterday. I am not sure if she is trying to hint towards a pedicure or....? You know what Olivia...mommy needs a pedicure!! {I am sorry my feet look so busted}

Finally, this grainy shot was taken by husband's iPhone while I was out one day. Apparently our almost 5 month old has become apt in turning on the TV and watching Sports Center on Saturday mornings. She really likes to lounge around in bed and soak in the weekend. Oddly enough, I'd opt for Bravo or E! but I suppose she is her father's daughter.

Kids these days.

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