Mommy Morsels

I'm reviving a newish series on the blog and it centers around my new title: Mom. While I don't proclaim to know it all - I can share with you the tips, tools and life savers that have made my life easier these past couple months. And...I'd love to hear from you, too! Anything that hushes a crying child is worth sharing!

Today's Mommy Morsel is from a fellow Chicago blogger that a friend introduced me to upon entering the blogosphere. She's witty, smart, vibrant, hip and a total hot mommy. She's a girl after my own heart because she rocks mommyhood in heels and with grace! And it doesn't hurt at all that her precious daughter Hazel is a feast for the eyes. {read: heart. melting} Please welcome Emily of Emphasis Added!
Before baby, I used to send emails to my friends with subject lines like "game-changer!" and in the body of the note, a link to something awesome like wedge booties for fall or the cape from Rachel Zoe's new collection.  Nowadays, however, I find that most of the glowing-reviews to leave my outbox are baby-related items.  My latest tot-obsession is so great that it warranted a mass email to all my mommy friends...and now this blog post

Have you heard of the Johnny Jump-up by evenflo?  It is basically a jumper seat that hangs from your door frame.   You put your munchkin in the swing-like seat and watch as they literally bounce themselves tired.

Quite often, value is measured by dollars saved or revenue generated....but when it comes to baby items, the metric of choice seems to be "how long did it keep my little one occupied?"  For the Johnny Jump-Up, the answer is staggering.  Every morning, my daughter hangs in there long enough for me to blow dry my hair AND put on makeup (miracle of miracles)!  She hops around squealing with delight as she defies gravity and her inability to stand upright.

The jump-up clamps on the door-frame, and can be easily moved from door to door.  It adjusts to any height, so it will keep up with your rapidly growing little one.  As if all that isn't enough, this contraption takes up  a fraction of the space of a traditional bouncer....

and with a $20 price tag, you just might have some money left over for that pair of wedge boots you've been eyeing!

Thanks Emily! Happy jumping to you and baby H!

Two more days until my giveaway ends!