How mama got her groove back.

Saturday was a night of firsts for me. As in, my first night out on the town with the girls since having Miss O. Husband gracefully kicked my tush out the door before I changed my mind. He's good like that!

Our plan of attack: BYOB sushi joint and we'll see where the night takes us. These are always dangerous nights. As you can see, we were very thirsty. A bottle of wine for each girl? Normal.

...and that's us in a cab to this bar. This is the part where you think you are indeed, the best dancer to ever exist. Oh and of course, we'll take a picture for you Mr. Joe Photo! Why not?

Cue cab ride home, sleeps in makeup and a daughter that doesn't care if it's 2:30am and you just went to bed.

Note to self: let's keep these "nights" to an annual occurrence. Too. old. to. recover. like. I. used. to.