Litany of Love

  1. Perfect stylings for orange pants. Score!
  2. I would love this painting over my bed. So pretty.
  3. A Chicago bike map journal - very rad.
  4. What a perfect, perfect romper!
  5. Olivia and I visited Kookaburra with her boyfriend this week. It was awesome - go Chicago moms!
  6. Speaking of O - check out her new tshirt found here!
  7. Seriously, this chick kills me.
  8. Just got the Fall catalogue - I'll take this in monarch orange.
  9. Cheap and chic, baby and what a deal! I like the leopard, striped and plain white one!
  10. Natalia has such a wonderful innocence and I love each outfit styling.
  11. Apothecary jar heaven. Need some of these for the house...such a pretty way to store things.
  12. A truly gorgeous couple and their engagement shoot.