We salute you, Pops!

photo courtesy Patterson Maker
Dad...the first man I fell in love with. The man that all women compare their boyfriend, husband, significant other, too. The man that roots you on at soccer games, speech contests and ballet recitals. The man you call to talk shop. The man you called crying when he broke your heart. The man your first daughter will happily call "grandpa"! My dad...he wears a lot of different hats and holds a lot of different titles and that's what makes him my dad. He set the benchmark. What can I say? I love my dad...Happy Father's Day, Pops - I love you.

And to the new Dad in my life...Happy Father's Day to you, my dear. Lucky for me and more importantly, for Olivia - you are a version of my dad and that's why I love you. They say women pick men that think and act similar to their father. Well, it's true! See what you have to look forward to!!