Litany of Love

  1. Shameless plug...don't ya want to be greener?
  2. Bensimon sneakers - so Parisian chic.
  3. Flirty, crepe-y chiffon magic.
  4. Remember my hair rut earlier this week? Well check this chick out. Genius!
  5. Are pointy stilettos back in because I'm seeing a lot of them?!
  6. I love each room for different reasons...good choices, A!
  7. A lovely post about bees.
  8. So I think I just added Italy to my travel list.
  9. Colorful foot stools for your bedroom!
  10. Neon clutches - bring it!
  11. I need a LBD for an event - thoughts?
  12. Livie needs this outfit. Heck, I would wear it!